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This course is an introduction to software engineering, using the Java™ programming language. It covers concepts useful to 6.005. Students will learn the fundamentals of Java. The focus is on developing high quality, working software that solves real problems. The course is designed for students with some programming experience, but if you have none and are motivated you will do fine. Students who have taken 6.005 should not take this course. Each class is composed of one hour of lecture and one hour of assisted lab work.
This developer training course covers C#, Microsoft’s managed C-style language for the .Net Framework. In typical Jump Start fashion, this session will be engaging and demo rich. Microsoft Technical Evangelist Jerry Nixon and the co-founder of Crank211, Daren May, provide sample after sample to show simple and complex techniques you can take back to you
3.Ruby On Rails
Ruby on Rails is quickly establishing itself as the preferred choice amongst developers. Quick and easy to install and use, Rails takes web applications development to a new level for programmers. Whether you’re an experienced developer or completely new to web programming, Ruby on Rails is the best thing you’ll ever discover.
This book explores the most useful features of PHP and how they can speed up the web development process, and explains the most commonly used PHP elements and how to use them correctly.

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